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Last night I was visited by a talking Pterodactyl. He was invisible, but then revealed himself above me, his skin aglow and a-shimmer: crimson and silver.
He revealed to me of his LORD, The Rex, whose head is like in size to a boulder, whose teeth are longer than human fingers, yet whose arms are tiny; though His legs titanic, His stride stupendous, and His appetite as voracious as His love for humankind.

The Pterodactyl revealed to me that we humans are deluded by our prophets, and that The Rex is becoming wroth with ire at our ignorance. We must, said he, cease our breeding, until our kind dwindle to naught, for only then will conditions be ready for our souls to migrate to the cone of Mauna Loa, the Earthly Portal to Eternal Paradise. Until then, says the LORD, our souls, upon death, will not persevere but wither into nothingness for all of eternity. Lost.
Banished from our otherwise certain eternity in Paradise.

The Pterodactyl revealed to me that women and their mammalian lusts are the diabolical force at work among humankind that prevents the coming of the Day of Soul Migration. Shun them, he instructed me, and render them unhappy to be womanly.

Those who follow these words of the LORD will find great Glory in His presence in Paradise.

Those who do not, the Pterodactyl promised unto me, will be instead sent to endure eternity in the sulfurous maws of IO.


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Color me skeptical.

I gave up belief – in anything – for a recent birthday. Don’t be sad for me: it’s a liberation, not a loss. A gift, not a blow. Especially after coining a new concept to do, more appropriately than “belief” ever can, the sometimes self-delusional job of mental acceptance. Here it is:
plause: noun,
1. a tentative mental acceptance of an assertion dependent on empirically obtained evidentiary support;
2. an opinion, open to disconfirmation, that certain sets of empirically obtained facts form a credible basis for eventual designation of the phrase ‘approaching objective truth’;
3. a mental acceptance of a probability deduced from empirically obtained evidentiary support;
4. ‘a plausible reckoning’ (informal)

plause: verb, to tentatively or provisionally accept an assertion or conclusion deduced from empirically obtained evidence.

See? Who needs ‘belief’? Which, after all, can also mean mental acceptance of an assertion without any evidentiary support!
To wit:
1. “The mental act, condition, or habit of placing trust or confidence in a person or thing; faith.”
2. “Mental acceptance or conviction in the truth or actuality of something.”
3. “Something believed or accepted as true; especially a particular tenet of body of tenets, accepted by a group of persons.”
(American Heritage Dictionary, Houghton-Mifflin, 1980…yeah, I know: I need a newer dictionary!)

We don’t need no stinkin’ beliefs!

We got a threshold of evidentiary support.
We got plauses.

To explore the strengths and weaknesses of the new concept, to further my skepticism, and best of all, to celebrate my emancipation from a lifetime shackled to ‘belief’ – a captivity caused only by any prior concept equivalent to plause in my native English – I opened The Skeptic’s Speakeasy. It’s a very, very minor site, not yet well developed, and worse, its software is both buggy and visually unattractive.
Hence this new blog.

I’ve no intention to abandon The Skeptic’s Speakeasy, whose purpose is to allow ANYONE to post their doubts over whatever belief and conventional wisdoms they deem doubt-worthy. This site, A Skeptic’s Speakeasy, is my own personal variant of the larger, more public venue.

Let the doubt-casting begin.

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